Wednesday, September 3, 2008


If blogging is about expressing one's daily thoughts ..

I am more of a visual person....

I do want to share nature with you and let you
see all of the beautiful creatures, insects, sky,
and the full moon from my photography..

so please check in from time to time,
and visit with nature and me.


Monday, September 1, 2008

Why my friend Amy and I need the vacation to Mexico!

I met a wonderful christian friend through a group of christians from all over the United States
Share and Prayer ministry by mail.

We are a group of christians who support each other and make friends with those
who have health challenges by writing letters by mail and support each other with prayer..

I have not met Amy in person... but I know her in my heart as my sister in Jesus
Christ. We have known each other for years..

We would like to meet to give each other a real hug in person,and have a chance
to see each other's expression and smile in person

and what better way than on a lst time cruise, since neither of us
have ever taken a cruise.

Sheri Todd

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hurricanes stay away..PLEASE

Here we are waiting like sitting Ducks
to see if Hurricane Hannah is going to hit
at Panama City Beach, Florida next week!
If they get a hurricane then we will be hit
very hard too...trees down, no electricity
for 8 days and no air conditioner, no running
water and damage to field crops, animals
and homes...

There won't be a thing left undisturbed to
photograph.. It will blow the hummingbirds
clear out of this part of the country...

So we hope we just do not have a hurricane at all
to come our way...
I feel sorry for those that have to endure one and the
after math..

I have endured many of them here in Alabama as an
and on the East coast of South Carolina..
where I was born..

Monday, August 18, 2008


I am a photographer...who loves to capture an expression of an animal in the wild.
I love flowers, and all of God's creatures..

I love a blue sky with billowy white clouds...

I am a gentle soul who feels much happiness in observing
all around me...

I am Sheri..../Sheridragonfly